4 steps from order to delivery
To register, we need information about you, model files, pictures of your lab works, equipment list
and payment details.
When you finish
the registration, fill in the price lists of the products that are producing.
When a customer sends an offer, you will be notified by e-mail and text message. Confirm or reject the order.
When you finish a product
and the customer confirms the quality, we will send you money minus the commission.
I tried the ZubMill system. Conveniently, it is not necessary to recheck rx form by calling to doctor. Just print out and transferred to production. Strikes out, it has already packed. Thanks to the developers, thanks to you orders are going faster.
Richard Dorfman
Thank you Zubmill! We can decrease the sales managers team. No need for calls or looking for new clinics, going to them with the presentations about you. You just get a text message with the order, which you can confirm or reject. Useful trick if the timing or the amount doesn't meet your requirements. We've already got three regular customers! Now we only large orders, as do not have time to quickly deal with the small ones.
Mark Braun
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